6 Fun Ways for Kids to Spend More Time Outside


Smartphones, television, iPads, and online video games keep your kids tied to the sofa and inside. Of course, children tend to imitate their classmates’ and parents’ behavior, so it’s not as if those things aren’t having a detrimental impact on their lives. In actuality, it would be preferable to restrict them from using more smartphones and steer them to a different path.

Spending more time outside with your children will help them stay healthy, minimize the risk of obesity, and increase their Vitamin D intake. Furthermore, participating in outdoor activities can help youngsters enhance their eye-hand coordination, develop self-confidence, and strengthen their immune systems, making them more resistant to illness.

You can encourage your children to spend more time outside with a bit of planning and preparation on your part. We’ll go through some of the ways you can use to persuade your smartphone-addicted children to switch to outdoor activities. You can try a couple or all of them, depending on your preference.

1. Assist Them In Planting Their Own Garden


Gardening is a terrific method to get kids and teenagers outside while also teaching them about food, animal care, and how to take care of plants. Depending on your space and tastes, you can assist them in creating a fairy garden, a flowerbed, or a food garden. To get them interested in gardening, start with simple items like tomatoes or wildflowers.

2. Send Your Kid To A Day Care Centre


A daycare center is an excellent place for children to meet other children, some of whom may be their age, while others may be younger or older. Your child will engage with them daily, which may aid in the development of his social skills. Your child can also comprehend and learn the technique of creating friends as well. Daycare centers not only look after your child, but they also organize various activities for them. These exercises aid your child’s early learning of numerous educational topics.

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3. Turn Your Backyard Into a Playground


Children do not require a large outside area to have fun, so even a tiny backyard will suffice to create an enticing play area. Hula hoops, toy golf clubs, frisbees, badminton rackets, and other outdoor sports equipment are available for purchase. To enhance their outdoor experience, consider adding a web swing, providing a thrilling and imaginative element to their playtime.

During the summer, you can acquire an inflatable pool and fill it with water to keep them cool, or you can just set up a camping tent that will act as a new playroom for your little mates. Kids enjoy changing scenery, and by employing a tent, you can create a sort of limited-time offer that they will eagerly take advantage of.

You can also acquire a sandbox with beach toys so they can make a sandcastle or play with smaller toys. There are numerous more ways to make your garden more child-friendly, but it is also critical to keep an eye on them and ensure they do not injure themselves. You can also research which plants are appropriate for a kid-friendly garden and which ones to avoid.

4. Plan Camping Trips


Camping vacations are excellent for reawakening the sense of adventure and inspiring your children to explore. Given how easily children can become uncomfortable, particularly if they have a lot of bug bites, blisters, or if the heat is too much for them, ensure that you do not mar their camping experience by choosing a terrible day to discover outdoors.

To avoid a lousy camping adventure, bring bug repellant, avoid areas with a lot of stinging nettles, and go on a day that isn’t too hot. You can also get some of their toys in case the kids get bored. Still, the goal is to spend time exploring nature and possibly teaching them a few things, such as how to put up a tent, what they should avoid eating or touching, and some primary flora and fauna knowledge, among other things.

5. Plan Outdoor Family Time


Children enjoy imitating and spending time with their parents. Therefore, you should practice what you preach and spend more time with them outside. You can take a pleasant walk with them, or you can ask them to wash your car, water the plants, or mow the lawn for you. Here you can find a variety of enjoyable outdoor activities that are great for bonding with your children.

It is a great way to spend time with your kids while still getting some exercise. Furthermore, while your kids are still young, you can utilize this occasion to allocate some outdoor duties and instill some healthy working habits. If they see outside chores as enjoyable and beneficial, it will be simpler for you to get them to complete them when they reach their rebellious stage.

6. Use Gadgets That Can Be Used Outdoors

Children, like many adults, are fascinated with gadgets, and because they have such vivid imaginations, personal mobility gadgets are especially appealing to them. As a parent, you may take advantage of this by purchasing toys that are made expressly for use outside. Once again, the issue is safety, given that hoverboards, e-bikes, and other mobile gadgets requiring a high level of balancing expertise are not suitable for children who have never used them before.

Fortunately, there are e-skateboards created exclusively for children that will help them understand how these devices work while also being enjoyable to use. So you can let your kids ride about on these skateboards for a while before getting them something more challenging to master. Given the circumstances, they are almost sure to spend a lot of time outside with them.



Nonetheless, for your kid’s psychological and physical well-being, you should encourage them to invest however much energy outside as could be expected. You can guarantee that your kids go out more regularly in the future by observing the tips mentioned above and handling their tantrums and stubbornness creatively. By nudging them to spend more time outside, you are tackling the root of all evil: addiction to smartphones.