Ways to Spice Things Up in Your Relationship


Statistics say that sexual dissatisfaction and infidelity are the most common causes of divorce. Considering that divorce rates are 50% in marriages these days, that’s a lot! It’s interesting to note that marriages aren’t the only things that an uneventful love life can ruin. Even relationships are in danger of instability when things “cool down” in the bedroom.

To help maintain the health and longevity of your relationships, here are some tips on how to spice things up between you and your partner. 

Introduce sex toys


Sex toys are a fantastic way to spruce things up in your relationship. They can offer stimulation in ways that nothing else can. Many toys are specially designed to help you achieve orgasm. Knowing that the responsibility for your orgasm doesn’t rest entirely on them can be a great relief for your partner. 

When introducing sex toys into your relationship (if you’ve not done so already), you have to remember to do it carefully. You don’t want your partner to get the impression that you prefer the toy to them. Additionally, using toys all the time can take away the intimacy between you and your partner.

Watch pornography together


Pornography is another tool of sexual pleasure that you and your partner can explore. Watching porn together is a great way for you both to learn about new techniques you can try. Many people consider watching porn alone some form of cheating, so it’s best to find out where your partner stands before you proceed. Also, you may need to decide on the kind of porn that each of you feels comfortable watching, so it doesn’t come as a surprise to either of you. 

Besides pornography, you can also read erotic sex stories that can be just as satisfying and informative. The benefit of sex stories is that your imaginations will have to make up the bulk of the experience, which can be thrilling when you do it with your partner. You can visit bitchtopia for some great sex stories.

Try role-playing

Several couples enjoy role-playing in sex because it helps them explore other parts of themselves. When partners role-play, they are someone else, and so, they can try different things without feeling ashamed. Placing their unusual sexual desires on another persona can help facilitate sexual expression in a relationship.

Role-playing can also be exciting just for the fun of it. You and your partner can pick characters that the other person has never met before. You can have a lot of fun exploring your new personalities.

Explore open relationships


Admittedly, open relationships aren’t for everyone. It takes a level of sexual and individual maturity to agree to share your partner with another person. In an open relationship, you basically give your partner permission to have sex with whoever they wish. There are different kinds of open relationships, and some people prefer to have rules on theirs.

The rules may include things like: 

  • No sleeping with exes
  • Telling about it afterward

An open relationship is something that has to be agreed upon by both partners in the relationship. It’s also a good idea to have a condition where you can end the agreement if it’s not favorable to you. Even though it’s open, it’s still a relationship between two partners, and both your wishes should be respected.