What do you Know About Android Phone Spying?

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Android is by far the most popular and widespread mobile operating system. Right now, 81.7 % of smartphones in the world run on a version of Android. This OS by Google is constantly being improved and expanded, and new versions come out every year. This is a fast, smart, and very powerful OS that lets you customize a lot of things to your preference. Still, no matter how much secure these phones are, there are still different apps you can use to spy on other phones and see what they are up to on their devices. In this article, we will go over two of the best such applications you can download. If you still want to learn more about this interesting topic, head on over to androidphonespying.com.

  1. XNSPY

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The first one we have for you is arguably the best one as well. Xnspy can give you remote access of a target device, after which it can send you information from the person’s texts, logs, emails, and chats. All of this can be taken from their profiles on major social network apps like Viber, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Skype, whatever else they might use. You can even track their GPS location and social media accounts on services like Tinder, Snapchat and Instagram. This slick tool has more up its sleeve as well, as it can be used as a recording device to monitor the surroundings or specific activities. Moreover, the app tracks and defines the keywords target user uses the most, like for example names, numbers, and locations. Because of these nifty features, it is among the best spying software for Android devices. The info you have collected can be easily accessed from wherever you have internet. You will have a personal Xnspy account that you will use for everything. The target device and person will not be able to trace it back to you. All you need is a one quick use of their device and install the app, and the spying can begin.  

  1. Spyzie

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Spyzie is another great spying tool you can use. This one will let you retrieve a lot of different details from the monitored device, and the best thing is your cover will never be blown. Also, you do not need to root the device. Spyzie can be used to monitor locations, contacts, call logs, texts, emails, messages, and so much more. Most people like its feature where it can track social media profiles including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, Viber, Snapchat, and others. The more advanced features this application gives you include keylogger, screen capture, ambient recording, and call recording. These are all intrusive enough for you to know everything the target is doing. Thanks to these, parents can pay attention to what their children are doing on their phones while they are still young and inexperienced. As mentioned a bit earlier, as of the year 2019, the software will remain 100 % hidden and invisible on the target device. This is because it is designed with an icon that disappears as soon as you install it on the target device. All you need is one-time access, and you are set. This can be tricky if the person in question is secretive and always close to their device. 

There are of course other apps like these two available. They include Flexispy, MobiStealth, Mobile Spy, SpyEra, Highster Mobile, PhoneSheriff, TheTruthSpy, and AppMia. Of course, it goes without saying that spying on personal property, which includes mobile devices and tablets, can get you in trouble with the people who are targeted, as well as the law. Therefore, you should tread lightly and try to be as careful as possible.