Why Sami Zayn Needs To Beat Baron Corbin At Backlash

Source: wwe.com

In one of the mid-card matches, this Sunday at Backlash in Chicago, Sami Zayn and Baron Corbin will go one-on-one as they have been feuding for the past month. It is a good thing that they have found a spot for these guys at the show as they are going to have a decent match in front of a probably very hot crowd that is going to make this feel more important than it really is.

We know that the WWE hasn’t truly pushed Sami Zayn in the past couple of months. The last sign of any kind of push was when he beat Kevin Owens at the Battleground PPV last year in the summer. Then, he had no opponent for the Summerslam as the writers really didn’t know what to do with this guy, and they ruined all the heat that he had as a face.

Source: wwe.com

Now, he just feels kind of lost on the Smackdown Live while also going up against a guy that WWE has big plans for later in the year as Baron Corbin is probably going to be the one to challenge for the title. Right now, Corbin is the prime candidate to win Money in the Bank, something that is guaranteed to give him the title shot that he wants.

So, that is why Zayn needs to win here. Corbin is going to have a big year anyway. A fluke loss here won’t do any damage to Baron while Sami has been losing way too much and he needs some spark on the blue brand going forward. Pinning Corbin here would be a huge thing for him.