Becky Lynch Says Smackdown Is A Better Show


Brand split has been in full force for almost a year now. There is no doubt that WWE content has been more exciting to watch since then as now we have two live shows that we have to watch each and every week. Before that, Smackdown was just a show that had the same things that happened on Raw coming to the Blue show. The storylines haven’t really progressed much on SD on Thursdays.

Now, SD Live is the show that has its own superstars as the ones that appear here are exclusive to Tuesday nights. WWE Championship is also on the blue brand which makes this one all the more important. It is a home to stars like AJ Styles, Randy Orton, Charlotte Flair, Kevin Owens, and many other of the top performers that WWE has on their roster.


One of the things that Smackdown Live has also been able to do is to include all of the women that they have on their roster in their TV programming. Everybody has had a chance to shine when it comes to women’s division. One of the superstars that have found some success on this brand is Becky Lynch. After all, she was the first ever Smackdown Women’s Champion. This girl apparently loves the brand that she is on currently since she had a lot of positive words to say about it.

“I love it. It’s brilliant. I think that Smackdown Live has thrived. I think before it was just a two-hour repeat of what happened on Raw. You’d see the same people doing the same thing to evolve the story a little bit. Now we have and entirely different following and I maybe bias, but I think Smackdown Live is a better show. Maybe it’s the two-hour time slot, or the great writing and engaging stories. I can’t speak on Raw because I can’t watch it because we’re doing shows like the one on that Monday in Amarillo.”