9 Qualities of the Right Time Tracking Software for Freelancers

Many freelancers often struggle with effective time management. This is the major cause of late submissions and rushed projects that compromise the quality of their work. Seeing how neither is good for a freelancer’s reputation, measures must be taken for better time management.

By the way, some of the causes of poor time management include procrastination, over-commitment to certain projects, bad time estimation, distractions, and poor/no work structure.

Several tips can be implemented to help overcome this problem. However, using the right time-tracking software makes time management a lot easier and simpler.

As a result, everyone having difficulties with effective time management (especially freelancers) is encouraged to use this tool. However, the right one has to be engaged for this purpose. This article will discuss some of the qualities of the right one, especially for freelancers. So, read on to ensure that you know how to make the right choice.

Choosing a Time-Tracking Software that Meets Your Freelancing Needs

The right one would possess some qualities. Some of these qualities are bare minimums and options that do not possess them should not even be considered.

This is given how they are not likely to help you effectively, easily, and simply manage your time. To this end, here are some of the qualities expected of the right one for you:


People have varying work demands and requirements. As a result, the right option is supposed to offer flexibility. This is so that people can make the most of it even with varying work demands and requirements.

One of the ways this is expected to play out is the possibility of time entries using both manual and automatic tracking. The truth is that flexibility is a generally expected quality of top-performing IT solutions.

This is especially because rigid software solutions are hardly suitable for individual needs.

Easy-to-Use Interface

The interface is expected to be very intuitive and easy to use. This will encourage users to make the most of it and ensures that no difficulties are encountered when using it. Any time-tracking tool that cannot guarantee this at the very least is highly questionable.

Offline Capabilities

Uninterrupted internet connection is usually sorted out in typical office environments that need internet access. Freelancers may find themselves working in places without an internet connection or with a very interrupted connection.

As a result, the right one should be designed in such a way that enables offline functionality. Of course, certain operations would only be possible with an internet connection. However, it should be possible to carry out a reasonable amount of essential tasks even without an internet connection.


Source: fylehq.com

The right software for time tracking should provide real-time notifications. This ensures that users are not in the dark about anything.

Furthermore, given the possibly mobile nature of freelancers, notifications should be received via various platforms. For example, a freelancer may not be home to see the notification on the PC. For this reason, it should be possible to receive updates and notifications on mobile gadgets through mobile applications or even email.


Freelancers are different from regular workers in so many ways. One such way is how they can work in various locations. For example, they could even work while on the move or on vacation.

As a result, freelancers need software solutions that can be accessed from various platforms and devices. This means that any solution that provides time tracking for freelancers must have this factor in. For example, while it might be accessed through the PC at home, it also needs to be accessed via a suitable mobile application while on the move.


It is not usual to see freelancers and workers at large needing to use multiple software solutions. For example, some freelancers have to use options for invoicing, communication, and project management in addition to using a time-tracking software product.

Having to manage all of them can be very tasking. This is why it is better to opt for software solutions that enable third-party integration.

Several time-tracking software products are this way. Some of them enable the use of invoicing, communication, project management, and other possibly required software solutions as third-party integration. You may want to consider such options if you need to engage more than just a time-tracking tool.

Idle Time Detector

Billing accuracy is one of the reasons many freelancers opt for this software solution. However, some options are below-par as they cannot accurately detect periods when freelancers are idle. This leads to billing inconsistencies which should be avoided.

For this reason, you should opt for something designed to automatically and effectively detect periods of idleness. By the way, some options overdo this task and this can lead to losses on the part of the user.

So, accuracy in the automatic detection of idle periods is of utmost importance. This is particularly important for those using it for billing purposes.

Client Access

On the whole, clients are increasingly buying into the idea of hiring freelancers. However, some prospective clients have reservations about this. A lot of them have issues about transparency given that there is no physical contact with the hired party.

This stresses the need for increased levels of transparency for freelancers. Well, time-tracking software products can help you become very transparent with your clients. This is especially if you charge clients based on billable hours.

A time-tracking software that enables client access helps you appear very transparent with clients. This is because they can see how much progress you have made and be sure that they are being charged fairly.

Trial Period

Most of these software solutions work on a subscription basis. Some of them have free versions but it is typical for a lot of helpful features to be left out of free versions. So, it is better to use premium plans.

However, it is only ideal that you have a good idea of what the software offers and whether it is worth it before you subscribe. This is why the right option is supposed to have a trial version. Developers who are confident about their software solution should not have any problem with this.


Source: clockify.me

Lots of freelancers have time management problems. As a result, tools that make time management easier, more effective, and simpler are very welcomed. Thankfully, the answer lies in using the right time-tracking software.

So, you should take note of some of the qualities of the right time-tracking software as discussed here. This will help ensure that you get the right one.